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When The Gospel Agitates

September 9, 2018 Pastor: Eric Cuenin Series: Acts of the Apostles

Topic: The Book of Acts Passage: Acts 13:42-52

The gospel is remarkable for some it is the blessing of all blessings to hear the glorious truth that Jesus saves.  For other people the gospel agitates them and they reject it and want others to join their disdain for it.  Paul and Barnabas find themselves both accepted and rejected in this city.  They have this incredible turnout to hear the gospel preached and out of sheer envy the Jews come to agitate and battle against the gospel.  Paul told them that their rejection of eternal life in Christ would cause them to turn to the Gentiles who were delighted.  Even though the battles were fought against the gospel, the gospel started spreading through the whole world because the Lord sees fit that the gospel is unstoppable. 

Primary Scripture: Acts 13:42-52

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