Celebrating the Savior

Presented December 11, 2011 by Pastor Eric Cuenin.

We want to make much of Christ. Our goal is to magnify Christ! Join Pastor Cuenin as he looks at Matthew 1:18-25. This is a season of celebrations and you must not pick the wrong reasons to celebrate. Celebrations must be welcoming.

Does Matthew 1:18-25, seem celebratory? Probably not, Joseph is stressed out. Why?
Is he unaware of the truth of the Son of God coming from Glory to a virgin.
But this event was so supernatural would we have reacted differently?
What reasons had he to be upset? Another man, shaming & disgracing her in public; his own shame, and private divorce.

Even the world Refuses to Celebrate. Check it out: no “Merry Christmas,” fights over Nativity Scenes, nothing about Jesus or anything that smacks of Christ is allowed. This isn’t new, remember Herod?
Was the world all that welcoming? He was born of a humble birth. Today very few welcome Him in their home, or give Him much thought.

First, you must answer the question of Mt 22:42 (see Mt.1) Much like Joseph (vs.24-25) we must believe & obey.
God must catch a hold of your heart with the truth of Himself and His Gospel. There is no proper worship of Christ apart from being born-again.

Mary, Shepherds, and the Wise Men and what about you? More than being naughty or nice—It’s about the Savior!

Thanks for listening.

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