Keys to Studying the Bible – Part 4

Presented September 4, 2011 by Pastor Eric Cuenin.

Here are six keys for studying the bible:

1. Your desire to know God Philippians 3:10
2. Realize God’s Word will transform your life Romans 12:1-2
Transformation is a work of the Spirit through the Word of God Colossians 1:28; 3:10; 3:16
3. Have a game plan, you cannot just hope to study God’s Word: Plan it!
Do you do that with work? School?
Psalm 1:1-2;119:16; 2 Timothy 2:15
4. It’s OK to be repetitious, that’s how most of us learn and is part of us.
Spirit works in His own timing v 18
5. Stimulate your appetite v 131
Seek to love the Word and value it vs. 129-131, 136, 140
6. Be committed, make it a part of your daily life as much as worship and prayer.

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