The Stable Home – Father’s Day 2011

Presented June 19, 2011 by Pastor Eric Cuenin.

The Stable Home

What Do You Want Your Home To Be Like?

  • A place to hang your hat, is that it?
  • “I want a normal home”, what’s that?
  • Desire a godly home? A peaceful home? A joyous home? A home that is solid and stable?
  • It’s hard to get there!

Keys to a Stable Home

  • The Lord must reign in the home Psalm 127, we think that God should be content with second? Stability at home is dependent upon Him Psalm 18
  • You must be stable in your life Psalm 40:2; James 1:8; (not shaken), problems, contentions Proverbs 21
  • Live the role God gave you. Ephesians 5 & 6. Let us honor God by obeying the position He gave us and not usurp nor give it away. What’s my role? Husbands, Fathers are you leading?
  • You should have a joyous home, it good to have fun, but do you also enjoy the Lord? Philippians 4:4
  • Serve the Lord together – Joshua 24:15

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