The Joy of the Cross

Presented April 10, 2011 by Pastor Eric Cuenin

Do you have great joy in the cross of Christ? Should we? Is the bloody death of the Savior something to even focus on; or should we just focus on His resurrection this time of year? Did Jesus die just to save us, or was that the secondary purpose?

Join Pastor Cuenin and Berean Baptist Church ( as we look at the scriptures about the joy we all should have in the cross if we are born again.


Terror of the Cross

  • Leading to the Cross Mk 14:32-34; Lk 22:39-45
  • On the Cross Is 53:4-5; Mt 27:45-46
  • Confused? What joy?

The Joy of Christ

  • Anticipated joy, past His humiliation John 17:4-5
  • Glory that awaited Him Phil 2:5-11
  • Our Lord’s goal Heb 12:2
  • Taste of His joy Rev 1:13-18; 5:11-12

Our Joy

  • The cross is the power of God 1Cor 1:18
  • It is our boast and glory Gal 6:14
  • Our song, now and forevermore Rev 5:8-12

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